Unlock the ACH Growth Potential of
Your Third Party Payment Processing Software

Profituity’s ACH Payment Processing Platform is
Software You Would Build, But Don’t Have to…

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Provides competitive advantages while enhancing profitability

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Includes advanced features your customers and prospects want and highly value

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Designed with powerful automation for mitigating risk and maintaining compliance

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Delivers blinding performance backed by rock-solid reliability

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Enables more-informed business decisions through real-time visibility and reporting

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Substantially better value than investing in custom software development

Can be Deployed in 30 Days or Less!

third party payment processing software

Developed using the latest in cloud technology, the platform is architected to support rapid, scalable and sustainable growth, ensuring you’re always ready for whatever your customers’ payment needs require.

Includes Everything Third Party Payment Processors Require to

Originate Nacha-Compliant ACH Debits and Credits,
Manage Returns and Recover NSF Payments

Intuitive management tools, plus the ability to configure business rules and apply preferences,
make it easy to adhere to your company’s policies while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Set Limits

Apply daily transaction limits and other restrictions to mitigate your risk

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Manage Exceptions

Quickly identify and address items the system has flagged for review

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Intercede as Needed

Easily delete or modify payments before they are sent for processing

Supports Same-Day ACH Processing

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Real-Time Insights

A user-friendly interface makes it simple and easy for you and your customers to drag and drop to create and save custom reporting that enables you to quickly see the information most important to you.

Users can access the reporting through password-protected online portals configured for their specific needs, or use the API integration to provide reporting within your software.

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Accounting Reports

  • Settlements 
  • Outstanding Settlements 
  • Reversals  
  • Account Reconciliation

Processing Reports

  • Notifications of Change
  • Returns
  • Recoveries

Risk & Compliance Reports

  • Originator Activity 
  • Returns 
  • Admin Returns 
  • Unauthorized Returns

Search Options

  • Basic 
  • Global 
  • Advanced (Multi-Criteria)

Integration with your software, payment gateway and ODFIs

Upload payment origination files saved as

Third Party Payment Processing

Or integrate transactions and reporting using the API

Secure, online portals for
merchants and partners

Provide access to reporting, account
management tools, and more!

Third Party Payment Processing

Delight your customers while simplifying support

Pricing Designed to Deliver a Faster ROI

Affordable pricing plans are available to accommodate every third party payment processing scenario. So whether you’re primarily an ACH payment processor, a payroll processor, provide bill-pay services or offer NSF recovery services, we’ll quote you a subscription plan that will enable you to maintain profitable margins while improving efficiency.

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