Check Recovery/Representment Software

The Easy Way to Offer Bounced Check Recovery Services

Make it painless for your commercial customers to recover NSF check payments

Based on the same enterprise-level software utilized by Profituity to power check representment services on behalf of large financial institutions, this innovative application will enable your community bank, credit union or organization to successfully recover up to 70% of checks returned due to non-sufficient funds by automating the process of attempting to redeposit returned items up to two (2) additional times.*  

It works because because checks typically bounce due to a timing issue.  Most check writers intend on paying, but sometimes they simply mismanage their account balance. 

Your customers will love it because it saves them time, money and awkward collection calls.

   Key Features and Benefits

  • Built-in workflow is readily configured to your unique business specifications

  • Fully compliant with NACHA regulatory requirements 

  • Automates the collection and distribution of NSF fees in accordance with applicable state laws

  • Robust and easily customized reporting capabilities

  • Quickly generate and distribute form letters 

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* Historical recovery rates experienced by current customers. Your results may vary.