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Convert paper checks into e-checks.

Depositing e-checks is easier, more secure and more cost effective than manually depositing paper checks.

remote deposit
Profituity Solution

Used in combination with a check imager, the web-based software enables you to convert paper checks into electronic payments that are processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

Bank routing numbers, customer account numbers and check serial numbers are captured and combined with digital images of each check received before they are transmitted for deposit in a highly automated process that you can easily monitor and manage through secure online reports.

Three ways to convert paper checks:

1. POP - converting checks at the point of sale (POS)

2. ARC - converting checks received in the mail

3. BOC - converting checks in batches in the back office

Benefits include:

  • Reduces administrative burden of processing payments

  • Reduces cost to process transactions

  • Improved cash flow

  • Ability to quickly identify accounts with non-sufficient funds (NSF)

  • Automated representment of NSF checks

  • Avoid returned check fees imposed by banks

Profituity is a proud member of NACHA's Affiliate Program.