Check Verification and Remote Deposit

Mitigate Risk and Get Paid Quicker


Mitigate your risk of not getting paid by proactively verifying account information before you accept a check or ACH payment. A secure web portal and mobile app provide real-time access to information critical to reducing bank fees, collection expenses, and the administrative costs associated with returned payments and fraud.  With ProfituityCheck, you’ll know instantly if a customer has a history of writing NSF checks, and you have the ability further reduce your risk by setting limits for…

  • Number of checks accepted within defined day/hour intervals
  • Total value of checks accepted within defined day/hour intervals
  • Maximum single check amount
  • Minimum check number

You can also block checks from specific accounts that are know to have a history of bad checks or fraud

Remote Deposit

Expedite payments by securely depositing checks electronically, without having to make a trip to the bank.

(Compatible with ACH and Check 21)

The ProfituityCheck™ mobile app provides a low-cost alternative to traditional terminals and imagers.

Ideal for single or multi-location businesses – use at the point of sale, or for back office conversions

Profituity is a proud member of NACHA’s Affiliate Program.