Businesses accepting

checks need this app!

(It's affordable and easy to use)

Simply snap a photo of a check using a mobile phone or tablet to take advantage of these powerful features


Know instantly if a check writer recently had a check returned as NSF or is about to exceed a limit you’ve set for…

  • Number of checks accepted within defined day/hour intervals
  • Total value of checks accepted within defined day/hour intervals
  • Maximum single check amount
  • Minimum check number

You can also block checks from specific accounts.

Check Conversion

Expedite payments by securely depositing checks electronically, without having to visit the bank. 

(Compatible with ACH and Check 21)

Ideal for single or multi-location businesses – use at the point of sale, or for back office conversions

* Minimum requirements: Android OS version 6.0 or higher, minimum camera resolution of 5 MP, 1 GB RAM or more

of available storage and internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or cellular service.