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Web-based payment processing.

As easy and intuitive to use as clicking ‘Send File’ to upload a file, it can be used with your current accounting or billing software. Click here to see how the process works.

Profituity Solution

Here's how it works:

Prior to using the solution, your Profituity representative will walk you through the simple process required to set up your customers to pay you electronically by having their bank account debited and your account credited for payments. Once you configure the system, you’ll be all set to receive payments in three easy steps…

Step One:  Export a batch file out of your accounting or billing software that contains data for each invoice for which you will receive payment.

Step Two:  Log into your Profituity account and click the “Upload a Batch” option and then enter your file totals.

Step Three:  Select your file and click the “Send File” button to process and receive your payments.

That’s it!  You’ll then be able to review the progress of your payments using the built-in reporting functionality, and should any payments be denied due to insufficient funds, your payment request will be automatically represented using SmartDates™ technology.

Profituity is a proud member of NACHA’s Affiliate Program.