The ACH Payment Gateway and API
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Fast, flexible, secure ACH payment integration for software, web, or mobile applications big and small.

There's no reason to only integrate merchant services

Utilize our API to create a seamless integration between your software and our ACH gateway to unlock the flexibility, affordability and simplicity of using ACH to process payments.

Why should you support ACH payments?

Sure, the cost of processing payments using ACH can be substantially less than accepting credit cards, but the benefits go well beyond just saving money...

Simple, Easy to Understand Pricing

With a merchant services account your pricing can change based on the type of credit card used, whether the credit card is swiped or if the information is entered, but your pricing with Profituity will be based on a simple and affordable flat rates.

No Expiration Dates to Manage

Unlike credit card accounts, checking and savings accounts don't have expiration dates to manage. 

Changing Bank Accounts is Rare

Consumers and even businesses are constantly being bombarded with incentives to switch credit cards (what's in your wallet?) So no wonder it's such a headache to maintain accurate on-file credit card account information. Contrast that with research that shows the average U.S. adult has used the same primary checking account for about 16 years!

Developers appreciate how easy it is to create the required code

Our API is designed to make integration simple and quick, and we back it with friendly, knowledgeable support to ensure a successful implementation. Access our API documentation and code samples to get started today!

var params = {
esi_account_name: ‘John Doe’,
esi_route: ‘123456780’,
esi_account: ‘112233’,
esi_amount: 1.50,

};{ url: ‘’, form: params }, … );

API Interface

Our interface is a fast and secure web service that receives requests via the HTTPS protocol and enables you to process single or recurring ACH transactions individually or in batch mode. Additionally, batch mode files can also be sent via Secure FTP. Pending files and transactions are available for your Customers view via our Online Reporting website. 

Communicate with our API using virtually any language or platform. There is no need to use complicated client side libraries. Sending a payment is as easy as making an HTTPS POST to our secure web service.

Utilize our optional value-added services to help your Customer mitigate risk and reduce fraud. We have solutions for ACH routing number validation, negative database lookup, and processing limits. Additionally, account number validation is available for participating financial institutions.

Top reasons to choose Profituity:

Easy to Integrate

We make it easy to get started processing payments right away with us. Our development team and payment experts are here to answer any questions you have throughout the integration process so that you can get to market faster.


Our Solution was built with security in mind. We use industry best practices, data-at-rest encryption and industry leading data centers to secure all payment related data. We protect you so you can focus on what really matters – your business.

Intuitive Online Reporting

We’ve taken online reporting to a whole new level with our exclusive MyView Reporting Functionality – which allows you to see only the information most important to you. Find out how easy it is to drag and drop your way to custom reporting. Click here to check it out!

Ready to take the plunge?

Get started today and see how Profituity can help you become more profitable by simplifying and optimizing the process of getting paid by your customers.