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Often when a check or ACH payment is returned due to the account having non-sufficient funds (NSF), it is simply a matter of timing. Your customer intended for the funds to be in their account, but due to any number of reasons they just happened to not have a balance sufficient to cover their payment at the time the transaction occurred.


The representment feature addresses this problem by automatically resubmitting any checks or ACH payments returned due to NSF up to two additional times using SmartDates™ technology that identifies the optimal time to attempt an additional account debit.

This approach is faster and far less disruptive than sending NSF payments to collections, so you’ll reduce or even eliminate the need to pursue more aggressive collections efforts without overburdening your customers.

Customers who do have a check or ACH payment returned as NSF that is successfully resubmitted for deposit will incur a NSF fee commensurate with state regulations and will not be subject to additional collection agency fees or embarrassing phone calls.

Profituity Solution

Benefits include:

  • 100% of recovered face amount paid to you

  • Gain faster access to your funds

  • Eliminate time and effort spent chasing bad payments

  • 24/7 online access to reporting

  • Notification and reimbursement info provided

  • Easily track status of payments and reimbursements

Profituity is a proud member of NACHA’s Affiliate Program.